Car Locksmiths that Care

Car locksmiths have been helping people in Atlanta get into their cars for many years. There are many companies out there that care about the customer and will do everything in their power to help them get on their way. Sadly there are also many malicious companies all over the United States that offer sub par service, for a very over inflated charge. Open Sesame has entered the market to get rid of these malicious locksmith practitioners and their less than adequate business ways. We want to share our mission and thoughts about the current car locksmith situation in Atlanta.

Here is a link from CBS describing the issue at hand.

There are a few companies that Open Sesame does support. We would like to acknowledged how great Pop-A-Lock is and how much they actually do help the community. To be completely honest, Open Sesame has referred over 30 customers this year alone to Pop-A-Lock. AAA is also a fantastic company that deserves much respect from the locksmith community. We here at Open Sesame strive to join the ranks of companies of this stature in the near future.

Currently we offer only a few services which include helping people get into their cars if they have locked their keys inside. 90% of our calls are addressing this service issue. Would you believe that the hardest part of actually unlocking a car is physically getting to the car?

Open Sesame has coverage over Atlanta and Metro Atlanta 24/7. This truth has given us the ability to open many doors throughout the year. We have even saved two babies. click here to read more. With all of the support we are getting from the community, Open Sesame will no doubt rise quickly to the top as one of the best Atlanta Locksmiths.

Here is a video we created to get our message out to the Atlanta community. $50 car locksmith in Atlanta