Open Sesame Saved a Baby Today!


Every auto locksmith in Atlanta should offer this free service. There is no reason a professional should ever try to charge someone for unlocking their car in an emergency. If a baby is locked in the car, then anyone around with the tools capable to get the baby out, should do so. Earlier today a baby was locked in the car in Kennesaw Ga and Open Sesame was the first to respond to the scene with the proper tools.

321 Open Sesame was called and told about this indecent. The callers were instructed to call the police, to ensure the fastest possible service. This did not stop Atlanta auto locksmith Josh Kurz who was there within 10 minutes. The car was unlocked within 1 minute of trying, which made everyone feel that Open Sesame was the qualified locksmith for the job. There were no injuries in this event, and everyone got to go home safely.

Being able to offer this service makes Open Sesame feel like they are doing a worthwhile service for the community.  There is a sense of determination building within the ranks that build our core team. The team is rising to the occasion every time to help patrons in Atlanta that have locked their keys in their car. There is an obvious need for our help in Atlanta and Metro Atlanta. Open Sesame vows to always offer a free car locksmith service whenever a baby is locked in the car. We also vow to always offer a branded price for a lockout service. $50 is our price. 1-855-321-OPEN