Open Sesame Spreads Its Wings

There are various services locksmith companies can provide. The variety of work can range anywhere from helping individuals with their automotive and household issues, to helping commercial and industrial businesses. Open Sesame has expanded itself in the best way possible. We are now beginning to work in every section of the locksmith industry. We have focused mainly on the automotive and home portions of the business so far, and are proud to now be able to facilitate any and every need a customer may bring to our attention.

  Open Sesame is expanding, and we are leaving quite a foot print. Our efforts of becoming the most reveled locksmith company in the Atlanta area have truly only just begun. Our employees are constantly educating themselves so as to stay up to date with everything being a locksmith entails.  There is virtually nothing we can’t accomplish and we are tremendously excited about this new adventure our company set out on.
Atlanta Skyline at Night
 And yet as our company looks to new horizons, we will still continue to offer all the services our customers know us for. Our prices will remain low and service our service will continue to exceed expectations. Atlanta homes and commercial residences will discover that we are a locksmith company that can be trusted. Open sesame is looking forward to spreading it’s wings over Kennesaw, Marietta, and many other metro Atlanta cities so that we may continue to provide excellent services to excellent customers.