Atlanta Governor Takes Down Scamming Locksmiths

The Governors Office of Consumer Protection has taken the first big leap to helping rid the city of scamming locksmiths. The City has been plagued by companies that offer appealing prices and dispatch times while in reality they charge way to much and take way too long to arrive.  11 alive news wrote a great post about the details of the case.

The Atlanta locksmith Scammer

The Atlanta locksmith Scammer

What does this mean for locksmiths in Atlanta that really do care about the customer? The playing field has been leveled and the competition has become thinner. The scamming locksmiths are still going to be doing business. This is not the final blow to their organizations, but it does send a nice message to the rest of the industry.

What is going to be the outcome for the consumer? The consumer could possibly still get scammed if they are not informed and do not know who to call. There are many types of scams that the locksmith industry utilizes daily for profit, but most of them can be generalized into two main scams.



1. The car lockout scam.

  • If someone is locked out of their car and they call a locksmith, then the price should never be higher than around $80. This is the highest that the price should ever be. 
  • The person who answers the phone should always give you a quote that will be the final quote, once the job is completed.
  • The price should never change drastically once the locksmith is done.
  • The locksmith should only be paid once the job is completed.

2. The residential lockout scam

  • Picking and bumping are the best way to get into any residential lockout. If the locksmith is a professional then they will always be able to pick or bump the lock. The locksmith should only have to drill the lock out in the worst case scenario. Sometimes it does happen, but it is very rare. Make sure that the locksmith does not just start drilling right away.
  • The price for residential lockouts should very depending upon how many locks need to be opened. If there is one, then the price should range from $80 to $100. If there are two locks to open, then the price should only be $20 to $30 more for the second unlock.
  • The locksmith should be paid once the job is completed and never before.

These scams happen every day in Atlanta, but if the people are more knowledgeable then the chances are lower that it will happen. Now that the State of Georgia is taking the locksmith industry seriously and not allowing for companies to run rampant on innocent consumers, it is our responsibility as professionals to help inform consumers about how to not let this happen to individuals.