Automotive Locksmith Services

The automotive industry is what Open Sesame has the most experience with. We can cut 95% of keys on site. We have many different remotes for many different types of vehicles. We offer lockout services 24/7. Open Sesame is the Atlanta locksmith that knows the most about automtive locksmithing. We can take care of any car locksmith need that a resident or business of Atlanta, Kennesaw, or Marietta could throw at us.

The locksmith industry in Atlanta has a bad reputation when it comes to Auto Locksmiths. This is because there have been scam companies created to try and take advantage of Atlanta patrons. These companies use tactics, like telling customers that they will charge $19 for a lockout. Then once they arrive they hike the price up and charge whatever they feel like. Since most people are very non confrontational, most people just pay and get on their way. This practice is the reason Open Sesame came into business. Open Sesame always thinks about the customer first. We always quote upfront prices and never change our price, once we arrive. This is why Open Sesame is the #1 Atlanta car locksmith.

When people think about car locksmiths the first thing that comes to mind is lockouts. Atlanta Car Lockouts are Open Sesame's #1 service. We have unlocked over 5000 cars in Atlanta since 2011. This number increasing every day as we average 5 lockouts per day. Open Sesame offers a $50 car lockout service, which depends upon the location of the customer. Call Open Sesame today for any Atlanta Car Locksmith question.